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Explore New Series-T8
Explore New Series-T8
*The image is an analog image for illustration purposes only. The protection grade of T8 is IP68, and the dustproof test of IP68 is carried out by a third party under laboratory conditions: blow 2kg talcum powder per cubic meter (the maximum diameter is 0.05mm) into the test box containing the equipment (keep the air pressure in the equipment lower than the ambient air), and leave it for 2h. Among them, IP68 waterproof test conditions are: (1) no flowing clean water, water depth of 1.5m; (2) The test time is 30 minutes; (3) The temperature difference between water temperature and product shall not be greater than 5K. Please strictly follow the instructions on dust and water prevention in the product manual, otherwise the user shall be responsible for the equipment damage caused thereby. Not recommended for use on beaches or swimming pools. Obtained IP68 rating. The dustproof and waterproof performance may vary depending on the actual service conditions.
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